Environmental Sustainability

The StraLugano Committee is working hard year by year to offer you an event increasingly sustainable, eco-friendly and focused on the safeguard of the future generations of sportspeople. With the help of the Organizations and Companies that collaborate with us, with the commitment of our volunteers and with the support of all the participants, we can do it!


  • Free train transports in Switzerland: For all those who have registered for the Half Marathon, the RelayRun or the 10 km run, travel in Switzerland by train is FREE! (second class daily return trip from anywhere in Switzerland, You will receive all details by mail once the registration is completed). Runners coming from Italy only have to buy a ticket as far as Chiasso. Find the best connection for your needs at http://www.ffs.ch/orario.html
  • Mobility: during the StraLugano our staff will be using vehicles with low environmental impact (electric or hybrid cars, electric bikes, etc.).
  • Recycling: all the areas of our event are equipped with trash cans for recycling (pet, paper, alu) Look for the “Eco-point” flags.
  • School contest “Corriamo a riciclare”: also this year, StraLugano and BiC organized a contest for all the elementary and middle schools of the Canton named “Corriamo a riciclare”. Prizes for 600 CHF cash and 1000 CHF worth of school equipment!! Terms and conditions can be found at the following link: http://stralugano.ch/concorso-corriamo-a-riciclare
  • Local suppliers and recyclable materials: conditional on the offer we have in Ticino, we favour local suppliers for food, beverages and logistic services. This way we can limit the environmental impact and the CO2 production of the transportation of goods.
    The glasses given at the stops along the race path and the dishes at the Migros Pasta Party are all recyclable.
  • Environmental sustainability promotion: thanks to the support of the Organizations and Companies that collaborate with us, we create awareness towards the environmental issues both during the event and all year long.
  • Training of our volunteers: our volunteers are trained to minimize waste and impact on the environment during our event.
  • Increasingly eco-friendly: we collect data and monitor our results to develop new strategies to defend our ecosystem aiming at getting better and better every year.


Recyclying and waste disposal:






Sensitization and awareness:


Are you an organization involved in environmental sustainability projects?

Contact us at this e-mail address [email protected] . We can work together!