Health and medical recommendations

When registering you must declare that you have read the medical recommendations. Specifically, you guarantee that you are in good health and that you have a medical certificate confirming this. If, during the week prior to the race, you fall ill and have a high temperature, you must withdraw.

We advise you to drink plenty of water prior to, during and after the competition. If during a race you should suffer an injury, breathlessness, obvious fatigue, dizziness, strong pain etc you must immediately stop running and withdraw from the race.

We advise all runners over the age of 40 or those with heart or lung problems, or anybody belonging to a high risk group, to have regular medical checkups.

The StraLugano provides an excellent emergency medical service run by the Lugano Green Cross with advanced first aid at the finish and three responders with medical training equipped with defibrillators; they are spread out over the route and are in regular contact with race management and the security service points.